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Saturday, 25 March 2006

In fact, we LOVE it!

There's an intersection that you have to drive through whenever you leave the uni. On the corner is a shopping mall, which truth be told is a pretty impressive one for Townsville. The one little niggley thing about it is this sign on the main road that gives me the jibblies (oooh, that almost rhymed!).

That's NOT the sort of pose I want to see someone do at an information desk EVER. Like, come over here and we'll tell you where you need to be and if you want we're also giving out free blowjobs under the desk. Puts a whole new swing on "Customer Care". Eerk, I think I'll go study now or something - it's getting on my nerves just looking at her. She can 'have' someone else.

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  • The other day I saw a sign which said 'members entrance' and an arrow pointing the way. Made me chuckle. Would make a good tattoo.

    By Blogger Ms Misanthropist, at 12:41 pm  

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