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Thursday, 15 March 2007

Honour Be Damned!

A long time ago I was in the bookshop with a friend and we spotted a book with the greatest cover I have ever seen! It had a pirate groping some chick's boob with one hand and holding a glass of booze in the other. The chick was holding a rather large gun suggestively between her legs. Tempted though we were, we didn't buy it.

We went back a few weeks later and looked for it, but didn't see it anywhere - we felt cheated! Here was the most brilliant cover of all time and we couldn't find it! Dejectedly, we went home, swearing that if we ever saw it again, we would buy it so we could look at it forever. At this point we hadn't even considered the possibility that the book itself might have been crap, but it couldn't possibly be with a cover like that.

Next time we went in looking for a completely different book - something in the Warhammer section. There, in place of where the book we desired should have been, was what we had deemed "The Pirate Book". It was a sign! I ran up to counter and bought it straightaway. So now I present, the greatest book cover of all time: "Honour Be Damned!"

Oh yeah, the book sucked.

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