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Wednesday, 2 May 2007

It's time...

Hokkay, this is going to be tough to say but... I like Crocs.

For those of you who don't know Crocs are... where the HELL have you been? They're the Haviana, nay, the Birkenstock of 2005 and they're still going strong. Yeah yeah yeah I know they're hideously ugly and make grown men and women look like Smurfs with their bright colours and chunky appearance. But they are kinda comfy. And my feet are retarded so I can't wear thongs (they either fit and fall off or don't fit and stay on). Sadly I'm stuck with Crocs.

I bought my first pair in early 2006. They were the least gaudy colour I could find so I could get away with wearing them in public without people's eyes bleeding. I wore them constantly through that year, but slowly the gravelly dirt paths of James Cook University took their toll on my poor Crocs. They'd served me well, but maybe, just maybe, it was time to move on. To give you an idea of what made me decide this, look at this picture comparing a new croc to my old one.

When I sent that to some friends and family to assist in my decision, one friend (who may or may not want my babies) said I should cremate them, while my mother pointed out the fact that there were still a few big areas without holes.

I debated for what seemed like hours over colour. Should I go with something wild and bold? Or how about dark and moody? I ended up buying some new ones.... that were exactly the same colour as my old ones.

Now for the exciting bit! I found out that you can buy accessories for your Crocs now! They're little decoration things that you stick in the holes in the top of the shoe. It was a hard choice, but I ended up with a crab and a skull and crossbones. They're the tackiest bits of crap I've seen in a long time, apart from the fairy statuette thing Noni broke in the hippy shop and almost had to pay $80 for.

So... do YOU like Crocs?

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  • I saw you today wearing your crocs and they look like shit. You should burn them. They make you look like a slob

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:41 pm  

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