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Sunday, 18 March 2007

The Worst Haircut Ever.

One of my friends was feeling a little bit down yesterday and decided to do some sort of purging activity that involved scissors, hair and dye. Unfortunately for her, she chose me as her accomplice. Now, I know as much about hair as I do about keeping a stable relationship with someone who doesn't already have a girlfriend, but she wouldn't listen.

For your entertainment, I present The Worst Haircut Ever...

Starting off, we have the worst fringe ever. It's half not there, half emo, ALL AWFUL!

This is my version of layering. It's really very easy I found. You just cut some bits short and keep others long. Before you know it, you have a great haircut that all the boys will go wild over!

I discovered I had a real talent with streaks about this time. If by streaks you mean "giant tracks of peroxide that look more like an industrial accident than directed application".

Wow, what a great look! She got told off at work later that night. I don't know what they were on about though, her boobs look fine.

I decided to help get rid of the remaining red dye. Sadly, my haircut wasn't nearly as amazing as Mel's and so I can't really carry it off as well.

Well, what do you think? Should I open up my own salon?

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  • It's not so bad!! Oh sorry.. my monitor was off. *turns it on*

    EEEee... do it, open a salon and call it "L'Emilio". But make sure it has a mirrorball and crazy drum and bass music playing and charge $1500 for the haircuts.

    Then it doesn't matter what it looks like because it's a "L'Emilio"

    By Blogger tonch, at 7:43 am  

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