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Friday, 16 March 2007

"Friends Don't Let Friends Use Excel For Statistics"

A few days ago a friend and I were bored as hell and decided to crack out the paint and brushes. She was slightly drunk and I was slightly high since I'd only just driven a manual for the very first time. With our powers combined, we created a piece that was... interesting. Ever seen a painting that, depending on how you looked at it, could be deeply artistic or completely awful? Ours was like that, except we were quite considering the latter possibility to be the more correct one. In any case, let me present "Friends Don't Let Friends Use Excel For Statistics".

About that interpretation? Well, the title comes from a recent statistics lecture, and we called it that before we made our analysis of our beautiful painting. What we came up with is that the big eye in the middle belongs to someone who let his or her friends use Excel for stats and is now crying blood because they caught fire. The friends are the two blue stick people on the lower left. Artistic, no?

Anyway, at about 3am that night, I decided that it would be a really funny idea to send it to our lecturer. Here's how the email went:

"Hi Simon,
A friend and I are in BS2001, which I have to tell you is a lot less scary than I originally thought it would be. Of course, in saying that, it's mostly been cruisy so far, and you'll no doubt be getting a whole lot of crazed emails from us later.
You seem like a pretty easy going dude, so I thought I'd share something with you that happened over the weekend. A friend and I had a few drinks and got bored, so I cracked out the paint and brushes and together we painted this rather pretty sort of abstract piece. We called it "Friends Don't Let Friends Use Excel For Statistics" (sound familiar?). From that, we figured that it was a big eye crying because its owner let two friends use Excel for statistics and they exploded or something - they're the two bluish stick dudes on the bottom left. Doesn't make much sense to me now, but hey, you can't argue with drunken logic.
Just hoping this made you smile, at least now you know that we listen in lectures.
Keep it real, Emily and her accomplice Caitlin, now hoping for HDs for our outstanding effort."

Yeah. I haven't got a reply.

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