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Tuesday, 27 March 2007

A Night to Remember

I'm a last-minute all-nighter person when it comes to doing assignments. That's the way things are and they're not going to change anytime soon. I'm thinking that I'm going to pay for it soon, but I'll worry about that later, maybe the night before.

Last year I did a really exciting report on osmoregulation. We had to stab crabs and suck out their fluids, then drip them on to a kaleidoscope thing that told us stuff. I'm pretty sure I slept through the prac so I can't really remember. Anyways, we had to write it up and hand it in. A couple of days before it was due I had to fly down to Sydney and back for a Pearl Jam concert (AWESOME) so I was insanely tired and couldn't be bothered to get started until about 2am the day it was due. Since I was so desperate to procrastinate, I wrote a diary of how the night went:
The picture's small and I doubt you could read my writing anyway so here's the text:

2:00am - Start actual assignment. Due in 12hrs.
2:03 am - Looked at the cool scar on my arm for 5 minutes.
2:06am - Realised if I combined the names of all my guy friends it made the rather ear-pleasing rhyme "Ryan-Dee-N-Me-N-Een".
2:46am - Wrote "Introduction". Yep, just the word.
2:52am - 32 words
3:15am - 100 words exactly! WOOOO!! (1/10 finished!)
3:30am - 125 words
3:40am - 192 words
4:04am - Wrote some emails to friends, 219 words (2/10 finished)
4:32am - Finished introduction - 430 words (WAY too long). Subtract words for references... 390... sweet!
5:07am - Finished results, Birds are singing
5:30am - Trivia for half an hour ^_^, 580 words
5:53am - 175 words of discussion down! 756 all up!
6:00am - Due in 8 hours, still doing discussion
6:12am - 902....
6:23am - ERGH!!! THE SUN!!! NOOOOO!!
6:36am - 1026! Now for the editing...
7:14am - FINISHED! ^_^
7:35am - Safe Assignment (plagiarism detector) doesn't catch me this time! Mwaha!
7:37am - Le sleep ZzZzZzZzZzZz

It was actually during this time that I discovered my favourite time of the day - 5:30am. There's something very pure about it, I don't know, makes me feel good even if I've been up all night.
I have 4 assessments this week, 3 on Friday, so I'm thinking I'm in deep. Thursday is going to be awesome. Poor Iago.

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  • Dude, I am totally with you on the 5:30 thing. Fucking awesome time of day to be alive. Reccomended: taking a swim in the ocean around that hour, or climbing the hill behind jfc before sunrise.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:44 am  

  • i have to go with Billy there, 5:30 best time of the day. the hill behind jfc ain't bad, but i would also recommend FF at that time, especially when you're drunk. now, that's something that's really, really fun to do at 5:30 am


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:18 am  

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