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Tuesday, 20 March 2007

My children will hate me.

There's a little shop in Neutral Bay back home which boasts the large sign: "LAUNDRETTE". I remember on many an occasion an old friend and I would walk past and comment on what a beautiful name it would be for a girl. Thus, Laundrette will be my first daughter. She sounds kind of quiet, industrious even, but with a little sexy side to her that will be revealed briefly every now and then to the surprise of many.

Imagine my excitement when I discovered that in New Zealand, they have small convenience stores called Suprettes! And so, Suprette will be my second daughter. She is more street smart, has a real spunk in her step. Not so accomplised academically, but hey, she knows where all the sales are, right?

And then, like a sign from heaven, I came across this photo...

My mind is made up. My children will hate me for eternity.

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