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Monday, 26 March 2007

A Sign from God!

There's something about signs that I really, really love. They're often brightly coloured, shiny (as a sidenote I recently learned that the reflective property of road signs is due to a coating of diatom frustules, how about that?) and have nice, big, easy to read letters. If you can get hold of one, it's like a trophy, increasing in value with the trouble you went through to obtain it.

But some signs are better left to the public, or better yet, humourously defaced. Townsville is home to many signs like this, a couple of which I have the fortune of sharing. The first was taken just the other day at Flinders St Mall, also known as "The Silent Road of Eventual Bankruptcy".

These signs are up nearly every ten metres in an apparent attempt to stop people throwing food to the birds. I guess instead you should throw it in the bin where they can dig it out after you leave, but at least you feel like you're doing sunny Townsville a favour. The thing that made me take a photo, however, was the little picture. How many birds do you see in that pose on the ground? My friend, that is a dead bird, and those aren't crumbs he's throwing, they're rocks. I'm shocked and appauled! Tsk tsk Townsville. You almost had me with your cloudless skies and sunset views from Castle Hill, but this savagery makes me stand tall and proud as a New South Welshman.
The next one is an old favourite of mine I've been meaning to put up here for a while. There are a few of these defaced in similar ways around the Biological Sciences buildings, so a few of you will no doubt be familiar with it.

Makes me giggle every time. Whichever douche decided to scrub out the R should be shot, it looked perfect before. If I ever find you, you WILL pay! Mark my words, douche. Mark. My. Words.

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